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Life Hope Foundation Scheme
Life Hope Foundation Scheme. We are a nonprofit organization, created to offer life hope and energize lasting transformation for non-income people throughout the Somaliland people. We do this by sharing the humanitarian life style and making every human live well among the society, and create the way of resources available, fostering reformation through orphan care, society health care, education, age care, fighting poverty, and small business development.

Our work with people in dire need began through an initial partnership among the societies in order to provide long-term physical and spiritual care, with a particular emphasis on the needs of children and younger adults. We share in life style vision for empowering lasting reformation and transformation among the people of Somaliland.

We invite you to explore this site and educate yourself about the amazing things to bring hope and change among desperately suffering peoples,  We also hope that you will partner with us in feeling the humanitarian way of life, in time, and in resources, serving together to bring the Good Result of life and renewed opportunity to those in despair and hopelessness.