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Human and Community Development

In villages and communities around the Somaliland, LHFS works with men and women to help them identify and resolve their own problems. Our approach assists whole communities develop the capacity to overcome the effects of poverty and create a new future. We believe that when the poor themselves are the initiators in resolving the problems of poverty, the results are sustainable and they have the tools necessary to succeed far into the future.
We use a development process that intimately involves the poor themselves in their own development.

Literacy and Child Survival
LHFS’s literacy and child survival program focuses on elementary education and nutrition for school children. We work with over 100 schools and 12,000 students annually to help children develop themselves so that they can break out of the cycle of poverty. We believe that when children learn to read and write, and gain skills in problem solving and community building, they will be better equipped as adults to transform their communities.

Read the stories under Latest News to see what happens in the life of a child when they are fed and can go to school. Civil Society

Working in cooperation with Non Government Organizations (NGOs), LHFS aims to support the development of stable and democratic communities. Outreach International trains community village workers in problem-solving and conflict resolution, and consults with organizations to help them build the participatory model of development into their work. We believe that when democracy is the foundation of society, then the community will become more equitable and just.

LHFS trains men and women from local communities to facilitate the Human and Community Development work in villages and communities around the Somaliland

"The foundation of poverty reduction is self-organization of the poor at the community level the best antidote to powerlessness, a central source of poverty. Organized, the poor can influence